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Kamil Oleba

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Present Day
Updating my mindset


[ Work in progress... ]


September 2021
At Divisible, we believe that a real revolution requires to return to the starting point. We all need to take some distance and look at the clothing concept with a fresh eye. Let's break down this concept and start re-creating it together!
Perhaps then we will notice something that others have missed. Our mission is to create the clothes of the future today. Then we will send them to the space station. We decide to start our experiments with pure cotton fabric. How are we going to end? We'll find out in the future.
July 2020
Kozminski University
Warsaw, Poland
Got a diploma

Bachelor in Management

Bachelor in Sociology of Business & Media

June 2019 - 2021
Founding Drivecoin

Co-Founder & CMO

March 2018 - 2019
YouTube Channel Creation for MasterChef™ winner
June 2015 - 2016
YouTube Partner

Agora and "Gazeta Wyborcza" daily were created before the parliamentary elections in 1989. "Gazeta Wyborcza" became the first independent daily in the country, and Agora grew into one of the largest and most known media companies in Poland. Since 1999 the Company has been listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The very beginning
Started designing